Monday, April 14, 2014

Flax Rock.

This is my Flax Rock writing. It was to wet to go camping so we split all of the activities on a day and that was our camp. I have writen about Flax Rock. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Awesome Maia
    I like your writing it has lots of strong verbs
    I like how you put photo on
    Well done
    Keep up the good work

  2. Good story Maia. You used good words and I loved the story. Well done.

  3. I love how you have put your photo of you with your writing. Keep the excellent work up Maia!!!

  4. That sounded so scary....well done you for keeping going..............Grandma

  5. Well done Maia... Dad said he was very impressed with how well you did... Good for you xxx