Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The elephants child

The elephants child

There was a elephant. He was a curious elephant. The elephants back then had a trunk the size of a boot. Whenever he asks a question, he gets spanked. In his family he had, his mum and dad elephant, his aunt hippo, his aunt giraffe, his uncle chimpanzee and uncle baboon. One day, he asked what do crocodiles eat? And they all spanked him.

So he went and asked the colo-colo bird. The colo-colo bird told him the directions to the swamp where the crocodile lived. So the elephants child went on his search to the swamp to find the crocodile. He found a river snake curled up on a rock. He asked very most politely "what do crocodiles eat"? The river snake hissed back at him saying "go find out yourself,  he is down there lurking in the river”.

So off went the elephants child continuing on his search. He saw a log purched up floating the river bank. The only way he could get over the river was to step on the logs floating in the water. The third one was moving. The elephants child gasped. What looked like a log started moving,
the elephants child said "oh sorry, I don't mean to bother you but do you know where the crocodile is lurking"? The talking log replied, yes I can tell you just come a little closer little elephant. "Oh thank you," the elephants child sighed with relief. Through a evil smile on the crocodile face he said "I am the CROCODILE! Oh thank goodness, could you please tell me what you eat for dinner"? The elephants child said In a sweet voice. The crocodile said with an even bigger smile and said, " Today I might start off with a nice, little, ELEPHANT!!!!!!! 

Before poor elephant could run away, the crocodile snapped hold of his trunk. As his trunk was burning with pain, the elephants child said all most politely through his last breath, "I am sorry to ask but let go of me"! The river snake came over and raped himself round the elephants legs and pulled. They heaved and they pulled until the crocodile let go. 

The river snake gave a gasp as the elephants child hung his trunk over a tree branch and rubbed it in banana skins. The river snake said with a hiss one more "what are you doing? I am trying to make my trunk shrink. Well you are going to be there for a long time, you should go home now. Ok." Replied the elephant.

On his travel back home, he picked up the melon balls and tied them up. The elephants child is a very tidy elephant. He got home from the river and his family was sooo jealous of his long nose. They said "welcome back so we will spank you now. No you will not!" Replied the elephants child. " I am going to spank you this time. hahaha" and he did that spanked them. The elephants decided to go and get their long noses. They came back and they all spanked each other.  But the elephants child never let anyone touch the colo-colo bird because he gave the most helpful piece of info of all.


  1. Well done Maia.
    That is a really good story.
    Great describing words.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Cool retell about the elephants child :-)
    It looks like you have every detail of the elephants child.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. I love this story!! Nice re-write ^.^