Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend sports

Sports on Saturday.

My breath shimmered and came out like frost. As my coach, Miss Buckman was telling us how to pivot. I knew how to do it but I didn't make it too obvious.

Over on the other side of the court, there was Raureka Swifts. They were warming up and running around. We were doing the same thing.

The bell started ringing. I did not want to take off my canters but I had to. The first half I was placed in GA. GA stands for goal attack. I went and walked into my place. I found that my buddy wasn't there yet so I waited and waited until they finally spread around the court. If I had to describe my buddy in two words, they would be worthy opponent. She was placed in GD. GD stands for goal defend.

 I got in one goal but it was not worth getting pushed over. "What a round that was"  Sienna mumbled.

I cannot believe that it was already half time. For the rest of the game I was WA. WA stands for wing attack. I went into my place and you would never believe who was playing WD, it was the same person who was playing GD the first half. No offence but, I was kind of glad when we had half time so then we could change buddy's and I wouldn't have such a good defender. I can see why they put her in defending position.

We managed to get the ball down our end a few times but they kept missing the goal. It doesn't matter but most of the other team was stepping. I thought that wasn't fair because their coach wouldn't pull them up. I was so angry but I kept it in. In the end, we lost 15 5 but I don't really care.

Sienna got player of the day. After the game I quickly put on my canters again. They were so nice and warm. After that, I had a big drink and went home.


  1. Well done Maia.
    That is a good piece of writing.
    There are some really descriptive words.
    Good job.

  2. A great piece of writing Maia... you all played very well on Saturday. You really did have a tough opponent... Mum xxx