Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beethoven in my version.

Maia playing Beethoven from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Wet weekends, they are not my favourite. But I normally find something to do. Today I am going to show you my Beethoven piano playing. I am not that experienced at it but I gave it a go. Who it Beethoven and why is he famous? He is one of the best piano players in the world! Yes, you herd me, the WORLD!!! The only thing that stoped him from making his music was that he couldn't hear it. He got really frustrated and confused. He played music like Ode to Joy. Now, I will show you how good I am. As I told you, I am not that experienced but I will get there.


  1. Awesome sharing, Maia! I love these videos that you create. I especially liked how you talked to the camera, explaining the story of Beethoven's life. I love the tune too!

  2. Nice idea Maia to put that music on your blog
    I might put some music on my blog
    good job

  3. Well done Maia that is really talanted of you, it sounded really great!
    And you sounded really expierance