Thursday, June 26, 2014

My student reflection.

Student reflection:

During the year I........

Enjoyed going to Flax Rock because it was a challenge and it was a really cool thing to experience.

Loved maths. Maths is my favourite topic that I have done in the school year. It is a very cool and it has helped my learning a lot.

Something challenging was using a devise all year and managing it. I think it was also a challenge using an iPad but now I feel way more confident on it.

I was challenged when I was on the waka and we all had to paddle in rhythm. It was tricky but I still pulled with all my might.

The challenges that I want to do during the rest of the school year is to do more poetry and to do more P.E.

I am proud of being able to use an iPad instead of a laptop like everyone else. I am also proud of putting myself up for a challenge.

Something I learnt was to run my own blog and some more digi stuff.

We are learning about space. I also love how we can chose our own genius hour topic too!

My inquiry topic is Milky Way. I have a few question to. One of them is......
How was the Milky Way formed?

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  1. Such a busy year for you Maia. You have tried many new experiences. Well done on all you have achieved.