Monday, June 16, 2014

The planetarium.

I went to the planetarium on 16th of June, it was located at boys high Napier. We learnt all about space. Room six went with room five. Us two classes watched a video on what it would be like in space and how they eat food and excersize in a rocket. We also saw what the upcoming stars would look like on the night we went. I writ a story about it. It was what I enjoyed, something I found interesting, the most exciting thing about space and I would like to learn more about.

Monday 16 June 2014

Something I enjoyed was seeing the upcoming night sky for 16th of June because it was cool to see the upcoming night when it was the day of that night. It was also cool because we got to see the southern cross.

Something I found interesting was that Venus traps the sun, I liked this because I never knew that Venus contains acid clouds and heat so the heat doesn't escape. It is also helpful to know because I am not going to even think about going to Venus.


The most exciting thing about space is that a black hole isn't next to us and that there might be something living out there. I really want to know if there are because it would be exciting to know if there really is somthing living out there. I would not like a black hole because it would disintegrate us all.

I would like to learn more about the constellations in the sky and how people came up with the idea.

“How do stars in the universe have an impact impact on us?”
I want the rest of my inquiry topic to be about: the Milky Way galaxy and how galaxies are made.

How are galaxies made?

What is the Milky Way galxy made of?


  1. Cool Maia.
    I loved seeing the stars and what they would look like at night too.
    I am sure you will find some awesome information on galaxies and the Milky Way.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. It was a very interesting trip. It always amazes me how enormous space is. I look forward to your research on our galaxy the milky way... Mum xxx

  3. Very Interesting question at the end.
    What is the milky way made of?
    I loved your second paragraph Maia.
    Ka Pai!