Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My inquiry note taking

WALT take effective notes

My Topic: Milky Way/galaxies

Key Words: clusters, stars, galaxies, hydrogen, dwarf planets.

Interesting Facts: hydrogen is like air but much more powerful. Hydrogen is gas. There are all sorts of different galaxies. Pluto is a dwarf planet. Milky Way is a galaxy.

Any new questions I have:
What was the Milky Way caused by?
Why does it look like this and how?
What makes the sky look milky?
Tell me the closest star or planet to Milky Way.
What is the Milky Way made made of?
Is the Milky Way portal a black hole?
Does the Milky Way contain heat?
Why is the Milky Way portal a spiral? Does it have a cause?
Would someone make it to another galxy and still be alive?
How did the planets get made? What of?

Big question: how was the Milky Way formed?

Texts I have used (includes websites, videos, multimedia): fun facts, science kids,

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  1. Wow Maia
    Nice facts and questions
    keep up the good work
    Ka Pai