Friday, July 25, 2014

The big surprise

The big surprise.

"Where are you taking us Mum?" I groaned under my breath.
 "We are going to a surprise place," Mum said in a suspicious way. Kyra was sitting right beside me. As Kyra and I were talking and chatting, we arrived at the surprise place. We have arrived at Onekawa Pools!

We all walked up to the entrance of Onekawa Pools. Does it have to be such a line? Kyra was standing behind me and couldn't get a view of what I was staring at. Then she pushed past me and saw no one was there at all. She totally fell for it! Though, it was pretty annoying because mum took forever to pay and Joseph was in the pool already showing off to us because he was allowed in the pool before us. I was tapping my foot because I was bored. Then mum called over, "Joseph, do you want your water slide pass?"
 Kyra and I went passed Joseph and into the pool.

As we walked into the changing room, we realized that we were pretty much the only ones there. In my head I was just thinking and how it would feel if I was in the pool right now. I would be sinking into the spa and staying there. The smell of the chlorine was getting me all started up. 

The first pool Kyra and I go in is in the warm pool. We were so excited! We put our head under straight away. "Ahhhhhh."
 I said as I sunk into the water. I felt so relaxed. It didn't stay that way for long though. Kyra had run away from me! Gosh that girl is..... Ok I will get through this. It turns out, Kyra though I had run away from her. I was under the water when she couldn't see me. Then she came looking for me. When I saw her, I got a mouth full of water. Then she said continuously " where were you, I looked everywhere!" 
So, after that topic was forgotten about, we went on the water slide.
 "Weeeeee" we both said as we were going down the water slide. "Let's go again!"

Next we went in the big pool. I could tell it had been heated up. Yes! Kyra found these boards that we could float on. I try surfing on it but I keep falling off!!! Then Kyra found another one so she can also try. I guess it is not just me who isn't good. Did I mention that there were about five parties there? I didn't did I. Great, just great!

Can't wait to go down the water slide. Wait, is that my mum calling, is it already time to go! Oh man, what a day.


  1. Great story Maia......what a fabulous way to spend an afternoon

  2. Well done Maia.
    That is a really good story.
    You must have had a lot of fun.
    Good job.

  3. Good work Maia
    that is a nice way to spend the afternoon
    ka pai