Thursday, August 14, 2014

My production diary: part two

Part 2

Okay, now the dance is really getting to me, we need to show it to our group but I feel the butterflies thundering in my tummy. I can't do it! Ok, take deep breaths. Okay, thanks for your support. I feel much better.

Wow, that was cool. There is a dance group that dance like swimming dolphins. I was so cool. I even pictured them as dolphins. When we we're doing our dance mes miller told Kyra and I that it was our time to shine. If Kyra was out of the picture, it was defenatly time for ME to shine!

I feel so.,...... Dozy! I had to shake me head all over the place. I just got told I was red! Imagine if someone came up to you a said that you are red. How emmbarasing.

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  1. Your diary sounds so exciting and just like you! I look forward to reading more entries as we get closer to performing!