Monday, August 25, 2014

My production diary!

Part 1 

Dear diary, Maia here! Because I feel like I can tell you anything and because you are my best friend her it goes....... I got NARRATOR A!!!!! That is the part I wanted to have and guess what, it gets better. I have 10 lines. Yes you heard me right, 10!!!! I so badly wanted that part. And I did, how cool am I!

Kyra and I are rehersing in the resource room. Kyra is narrator B. She is one of my best friends, isn't that the best! I  totally hit the jack pot on this one. Speaking of Jack, a dude named Jack got the part Iwetea. He is a main whale. That is why we are doing the seven whales. Yay!

Kyra and I have to do a dance to beyond the sea by Bobby Darin. It is funky! We get to where sparkly hats! I know right, so cool. We also have to bob our heads and play air gutiars to thunderstruck. And by bobbing I mean bobbing. 

Part 2

Okay, now the dance is really getting to me, we need to show it to our group but I feel the butterflies thundering in my tummy. I can't do it! Ok, take deep breaths. Okay, thanks for your support. I feel much better.

Wow, that was cool. There is a dance group that dance like swimming dolphins. I was so cool. I even pictured them as dolphins. When we we're doing our dance mes miller told Kyra and I that it was our time to shine. If Kyra was out of the picture, it was defenatly time for ME to shine!

I feel so.,...... Dozy! I had to shake me head all over the place. I just got told I was red! Imagine if someone came up to you a said that you are red. How emmbarasing.

Part 3

Could it be so amazing and wonders that it is so true! I can't believe it! We are dress rehearsing on the stage, dum dum dunnnnnnnn! Cool aye. I start off the story with these words..... "In the days gone by when the seas came up right to the Hereheretau, there lived a mighty tohunga."

Then we watch, and watch, and watched as the production went by. Kyra and I were so tired that we could have fallen to the ground in one big thump!

Part 4!

You would never believe what has happened today. Mr Moriarty is here! And yes, it is usual that I see him every day. But I haven't got to the point of what I am trying to tell you! For the past week Mr M has not been teaching us.  I have tried and tried to guess where he has been but my mind won't budge!

He is back and for the first time, he saw a full run through of the production! "I hope he likes it" I said to myself as the butterflies stormed in tummy. I started to get a headache. I closed my eyes and chanted to myself, "I can do this!"

Part 5!

I honestly can't believe this, we are now up to the stage of performing to the school! I am huffing and puffing right on the spot now. I can not believe it has come so fast!

In my head I am highlighting all of my lines. I can picture the thousands of gloomy eyes looking at me when I give my speech. Then the music comes on as we come to comfort ourselves on the bench seats.

Then another music piece comes on. It is not just any music piece, it is the one that Kyra and I are entering to. My tummy is in a tight knot and I don't know how to stop it. Then I enter onto stage hoping that the feeling goes away.


  1. Love your production diary, Maia. It's great to be back!

  2. Ka Pai Maia Love your Part 1 and how you
    said " Kyra and I have to do a dance to beyond the sea by Bobby Darin. It is funky! "
    That line was funny I like the funky bit the most.
    Awesome keep the fantastic work up.