Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Production Diary: My Part

Dear diary, Maia here! Because I feel like I can tell you anything and because you are my best friend her it goes....... I got NARRATOR A!!!!! That is the part I wanted to have and guess what, it gets better. I have 10 lines. Yes you heard me right, 10!!!! I so badly wanted that part. And I did, how cool am I!

Kyra and I are rehersing in the resource room. Kyra is narrator B. She is one of my best friends, isn't that the best! I  totally hit the jack pot on this one. Speaking of Jack, a dude named Jack got the part Iwetea. He is a main whale. That is why we are doing the seven whales. Yay!

Kyra and I have to do a dance to beyond the sea by Bobby Darin. It is funky! We get to where sparkly hats! I know right, so cool. We also have to bob our heads and play air gutiars to thunderstruck. And by bobbing I mean bobbing. 


  1. This diary entry is so you Maia! :-)

  2. Well done Maia... I am so proud of you!! Cant wait to see the production, especially you and Kyra dancing and of course the head bobbing!!! Mum xxx