Monday, October 13, 2014

Persuading the reader

Persuading the reader
Write an argument why your house is the best house in the school. (Go Kea!)

WALT write with an effective structure:
Beginning (introduction - state your opinion)
Middle (three reasons for your opinion)
Ending (finally convince the reader - “So this is the reason why...”

Okay, I have to put this right. From now on I declare that Kea, is the best house of all. Well, that is what I think. I mean, why I Kea not the best. I will give you three reasons why Kea is the best. 

Kea may have some down points but we never give up. That is why we won the Jump Jam! (And probably because I helped run it!)
We have the best kids on the block. Honestly, we have all kinds of kids.
We are so sneaky and so super cheeky.

Let me add one more:

4. We have one of the best teachers in our group Mr......

Mrs Miller !!!
But best boy teacher Mr Moriarty.

So this is the reason why you should say kea is the best!!!!!

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  1. You have persuaded this reader with your argument, Maia!