Thursday, October 23, 2014

The blood


As I plopped on my comforting bed exhausted from school, I was actually interested (not) in my homework! Well, by homework I mean research. We were assigned to research on a turducken. A turducken is a mix of a turkey, duck and chicken. People think it is a made up creature. (Probably because it is!) but where is everybody's proof! I mean what teacher would give us a made up creature to research. Only a stupid teacher would do that. Well guess what, that stupid teacher is mine!

Well, it says here that I can make a poster or a slide show. What the heck! How could you make a poster or a slide show on an amaginary creature. That is just coo coo crazy! I think I might do a slide show. It was so exciting that we were allowed to use our devices. Our teacher is very old fashioned so I didn't see this coming at all. But the I read the bottom text. It said you make a slide show out of paper! I could not believe this!

As I reached out to type on my key board a subtle shaking hit my key board. The computer went blank and I started to bleed. The blood poured from my nose. At the same time the screams of death came from my mouth. After that, I was nothing but a red stain on my carpet.

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