Thursday, February 26, 2015

My writing.

"Maia, pack your bags, we are going to the cuzzies."
"Wait a sec mum, I am just going to finish this level."
"Maia Bassett, get off that computer right now!!"
"Okay I am going, so, who's cuzzies house are we going to anyway?"
"Don't tell me you forgot about Shelby's birthday."
"Um, no I didn't." But actually, I did.
Omg, I can't believe I forgot her birthday. I mumbled to myself. There I am, searching the cupboards for a cute card. Then I spotted one of the happy flower cards. I had bought a couple of days ago."perfect." I said not whispering, but in a quiet voice. She is gonna love it!
"Maia, get in the car we're late!" 

It is a 20 minute drive to Shelby's house. As we pull up there long driveway, I look out the window to see uncle simon on the paddocks. I wined down the window and waved at him. He saw me and waved at me back. Then we pulled up in front of their house. I jumped out of the car and then instantly, I smelt the delicious smell of meat patties on the BBQ and homemade burger buns. "Yummy!" I said a little too loud because then my cousin Rylee came running up to me with her arms open wide. She managed to catch me because I tripped up on a piece of log. She helped me up and gave me a hug. Well, a least a hug to her, it was a squeeze to me.

We were all playing in the new muffin cart that they sell muffins from. We searched all of the cupboards for the muffins and mini cakes for our bellies. Nothing, then Rylee remember that they had sold out last week. I said "I am so mad right now!" But I've course, I said that in my head. Instead I said, "mee."  So, me and Rylee and a few other kids played in her sandpit. Making sandcastle, playing sand fights. And yes, I got sand in my eyes. The sand felt hot because the sun was beaming all day.

4 hours have gone past and it is getting dinner time. Everyone was gathered around the table. I could hear the laughter of adults and kids as it is the time to tell jokes. As I looked around, I saw all of the kids were going hipo all over the frontyard. It was out, the star of the dinner table, I was the chicken patties. All of the kids then zoomed up to the table as they dished up some delicious meat patties. I took one bite and I instantly fell I love with it. It just melted in my mouth. Yum yum yum.

It came to dessert. We all sang the birthday song as we were looking at the cake. It looked awesome. Maltesers on top and chocolate fingers around the sides. Yummy. Shelby blew out the candles and we all shouted...... YAY!!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading all about your exciting day with Shelby and her family. Sounds like you all had fun

  2. Now I want chicken patties! Gpa

  3. Great descriptive writing Maia... I can't believe Shelby is 5!! Was great to celebrate with her :) Mum xxx