Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maths with Mrs Hinde

For maths with Mrs Hinde, we made arrays. The answer to the problem we had to make was 48. 1 8th of 48 is 6. So 2 6ths are batman, 2 6ths are super man and 2 6ths are spider man. My times table was 8 times 6 = 48. This is my array:

What I learnt about arrays is that you can group numbers into arrays and get an answer for it easily. What I found tricky was that it wouldn't make sense if you got it wrong and to make it so it was right was hard. To add extra details, we had to rotate, mirror, and translate. I like arrays and I am going to use them more in the future.


  1. Wow... thats super complicated for my brain Maia!! Good for you :) Mum xxx

  2. Well done Maia....I found it very tricky too to start with. Its a great way to work things out.