Friday, May 15, 2015

Camp moment in time.

It smelt disgusting! I knew I don't want to walk through that. I can't believe the people before me did. I was almost crying because it stank so much. Teachers can't possibly expect me to do it. Can they? Suddenly, the ground started to fall, unless I was going up. Then I saw. I was moving up the wall. Then I had the best idea. I was going to spider crawl along the wall. As I did, the scent of rotten mud got stronger. Yuck! Finally, I clenched the ladder to get through the whole. As I climbed up, my hands got all slimy from everyone's feet going up it. I knew I would rather smell fresh air then smell this dump. Finally I exited the last cave. Ahhhhh, the fresh air. 


  1. What cool moment in time writing. I love how you wrote this piece of writing. You used descriptive writing which made it more interesting.


  2. Wow I love your moment in time it is awesome. You used lots of descriptive writing!