Monday, August 10, 2015

Jamie Curry

Success Criteria (based on Kidspeak progressions)
  • beginning, middle and end (structure)
  • topic words (vocabulary)
  • different sentence beginnings (sentence formation)
  • added detail to my ideas (content and ideas)
  • punctuation that helps the reader (punctuation)
  • my writing goal is to keep a variety of sentence starters and more specific language

Jamie Curry is a talented comedic actress who at the age of nineteen, has already expressed her talent and made herself a star in New Zealand. Her teenage fame has lead her to the top. With a funny humor and a load of talent, she has been named the most famous teenager in New Zealand.

Who Is She?
When she attended Sacred Heart College, she was very liked and popular around the students. In her previous years, she lived in Taradale, Hawkes Bay. She is relatable to most teenagers which probably attracts more attention to her videos from that age group. Not afraid of what she looks like, she makes her videos with no make-up what so ever. A self-deprecating person like her does it for the fun and also for the laughs.

Early Life
In her spare time outside of her famous life, she takes part in some extracurricular activities. One of them is that she plays for her local soccer club, Marist. She is really competitive around these events. She said "If I make any savings from this, I will use it to decorate my room." Her computer skills aren't as good as she makes it look. She has her sister and friends to help her edit the videos.

YouTube Fame
Her Facebook page, Jamie's World, was created for her friends and her to post funny videos. They convinced her to do it at a soccer meeting, so she did it when she got home. She thought it would be good fun. Once she had posted a few videos, and as soon as she got one like, she got another and another and another. Her high school fame had surprised her. She arrived at school to see she had heaps of fans. After her page was created, she started to post some more videos. A week later, she had received more than 24,000 likes. She says, "It was luck that that was when the internet was watching." She has started up a YouTube and Twitter account. Every night in her spare time, she reads emails and messages from her fans. Still with more than 11,000 unread messages to reply to, she says "I feel like I need to give it back to them for watching my videos and for following me."

Other Successes
Her fame has lead her to other successes like being able to be filmed in a music video with kiwi song artist, Massad. Starring as the “girl next door” in the music video, The Girl Next Door. She also collaborates with Jamie McDell regularly. An even bigger achievement was getting the privilege to tour the UK with British Boy Band, M.A.D.

Jamie Curry is still making her humorous videos that entertain us all. Recently she has had more than 6.5 million likes on her Facebook page. She is an inspiration and a successful comedic actress.

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  1. Well-structured and well-written report, Maia.

    You are using your reading and writing skills together very well.