Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Fun Run!

My heart pounds as I stance myself at the starting line. I stand, looking ahead ignoring the screaming and shouting coming from the crowd. I have the shivers and shakes all over. Then the I hear the words..... GO!!!!!!

My Fun Run Refection

In the fun run I competed in the year 6 girls competitive race.

I showed Parkvale Pride because when I was running I fell over, it hurt really bad but I got back up and kept on running.

Someone else I noticed in the fun run was Amy because she tried real well and did kea proud.


  1. Wow Maia I wonder why you got your blogger licenses. you have done well in your blog especially this fun run blog post Well done!

  2. I was glad I got to see you run....you did very well....congratulations on being picked for the inter school team.