Monday, September 07, 2015

Bright Feelings

Bright Feelings from Maia on Vimeo.

For literacy this week, I am studying Brooke Fraser who is a song artist. Here is a report about her.....

Report Success Criteria
Structured well (paragraphs and subheadings)
Vocabulary (best words and lots of topic words)
Sentences (variety of different sentence starters)
No personal pronouns
Detail (added in lots of true information)
Punctuation (helps the reader)

My Goal: To improve my punctuation. 

Brooke Fraser 

Brooke Fraser is a talented kiwi song/songwriter artist. She helps people, cares for people and has many different talents. With a star like this in our country, we are all proud to say that she is a true kiwi.

Who is it? Why are they famous?:
On her 27th birthday, Brooke Fraser raised over $54,000 for charities. Every cent she earned, she gave to charity. Also writing many amazing albums that have helped her career. She started off singing songs at her local folks house. She sung a lot of songs that she heard off the radio but then she began to write her own. This is when she started to make it one of her hobbies.

Early Life:
Fraser is the eldest of three children born to former All Black Bernie Fraser. Although she is a very talented song artist, she is also a musical sensation. Her musicality is also through the love of instruments. Brooke started playing piano as her first instrument at the age 7 all the way through to the age of 17. She also started writing songs at the age 12 and taught herself the acoustic guitar at 16.

Art Fame:
Her career started off at the age of 19 when people started hearing her songs out loud. Also it began coming along with her second hit single "Life Line" . This helped  her gain the advantage of touring Australia, Canada & USA in 2008. Also writing "What to do with Daylight" one of her hit albums that led her to the top. With greater Success, recording her more popular albums, "Albertine" and "Flags" has helped her to amazing fame.

Other Success And Awards:
She won the NZ Kiwi Artist award for her hit single "Something in the water". Also she is blowing New Zealand away with the effort of raising a lot of money for charity and giving every cent to them. Her new album, "Brutal Romantic" was recorded and produced with writer and song producer, David Kosten.

Brooke Fraser has stunned New Zealand with her amazing songs and hits. Her music is an amazing start to her career.